I would love to hear from you if you have an idea for a piece of jewellery you would like to own, maybe a loose stone (or other object!) you would like to set into a pendant or ring, or if you would like me to design a piece or a set of jewellery for you or a friend or loved one, perhaps for a special occasion. 

If you would like to consider commissioning me to make something just for you, the information below explains how we would work together to create your piece. After the information, you can see some case studies of commissions that I have received.

A moss agate gemstone being measured up for a custom setting on a ring.

A moss agate gemstone being measured up for a custom setting on a ring.

How to commission Camilla West jewellery

1. Please use any of the details on my Contact page to let me know that you are interested. I will firstly arrange a call (by phone or Skype) or meet with you to discuss what you have in mind, so that we are both clear about the "brief" - what you are asking me to do. I will also ask for a rough idea of your budget, so that I can create some appropriate ideas. You can be very specific about the materials and design, or you can leave as much of the design and decisions as you would like up to me.

2. I will draw up some sketches to illustrate a few variations of designs for you to choose from, and give you a clearer idea of the costs involved. We will then talk through my designs and your thoughts on them. This stage is the perfect opportunity to confirm that I have understood your request and that you like one of my designs, or to ask for further changes or clarify any misunderstandings. You are under no obligation to ask me to proceed, and you are free to cancel your request at this stage if you are not happy with my ideas.

3. When you are happy with your chosen design, I have estimated the time it will take to create, and we have come to an agreement about cost, I will ask you to confirm that you would like to go ahead and to pay the agreed amount or a proportion of it, depending on the time and materials involved. On receipt of this, I will buy the materials to make your special piece, and head to my workshop...

4. I will let you know when your jewellery is ready and send it to you (or to an address you choose, giftwrapped on request) by Royal Mail guaranteed next day delivery (for UK orders) or Royal Mail International tracked and signed service. You can then surprise your loved one with your beautiful gift, or show your new jewellery off to all your friends!


Case Studies - Previous Commissions

Camilla West jewellery commission wire weaving.jpg

Interchangeable necklace and hair ornament in copper and turquoise

Ms W. was asked to be a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding. The wedding theme was bright, joyful colours and her dress would be a vivid aqua. She had seen my wire weaving designs and wanted me to create an eye-catching hair ornament using wire weaving techniques, that would look like "something Zena the Warrior Princess might wear"! Ms W. would wear the hair ornament on the wedding day; but also, she wanted it to convert to a necklace so that she could choose how to wear it on other occasions.

Camilla West commissions case study 2b.jpg

Amethyst earrings

Ms C. liked a pair of pink amethyst threader earrings that she had seen on my website. She explained that amethyst was one of her favourite gems and she had bangles that combined both pink and purple amethysts, although she did not have earrings to match these. She asked me to design a simple pair of earrings incorporating the two colours of amethyst, to go with her bangles, that could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 


Beach wedding bridesmaid pendant

Ms O. was preparing for an overseas wedding which would be held on a beach. She wanted the wedding to reflect the surroundings with a "seaside" theme, and was planning her three bridesmaids' outfits. She wanted me to come up with a necklace design and make it for each of her bridesmaids, so they could wear them on the day and keep them as a thank you gift and memento after the event.